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Bergen Awnings is a division of Window Works based in Livingston NJ, a full service window treatment company since 1982.

With a beautiful showroom staffed with friendly, knowledgeable professionals in Livingston, NJ we specialize in Awnings, Solar Screen Shades, Window Treatments, Blinds, Wallpaper Design and more. Here, our Awning Division has a full range of shading solutions for everything from Home Awnings to Commercial Canopies.  Along with homeowners and business owners, we work with Architects, Designers and General Contractors on a regular basis.  We service all areas of Northern NJ.

Shading Solutions Include:

Awnings add comfort and ... they save energy too!

According to, awnings can reduce heat gain in the summer months by up to 77%.  This translates to hundreds of dollars annually in cooling-related energy savings!

Save More...

Cool Your Deck or Patio By 20 degrees


A retractable awing will expand your outdoor living space.  Make your deck or patio much more enjoyable by shading it with a retractable awning!

Live More...

Brand Your Business or Create More Dining Space


Improve the branding and awareness of your business with a commercial stationary awning.  Improve your outdoor dining with a waterproof retractable fabric roof.

Do More...

Awnings - the Age Old Solution to the Sun's Harsh Rays

Did you know that the Ancient Romans installed retractable awnings on the Colosseum?  The Velarium, or Latin for curtain, was used to cover the seating area and protect spectators.


Though the ancient Romans did not invent shade, their descendants have certainly perfected it!  Our retractable shading solutions are born of Italian design and innovation. 

Latest News and Updates

  • LATEST Tip:

    Don't power wash your Sunbrella awning fabric!  It was treated with a protective coating that can be damaged or blown away! 

    Clean your awning about once a month by rinsing it off using a garden hose.  Do so on a dry, sunny day and allow the moisture to evaporate before retracting your awning.  If your acrylic awning fabric is stained, try referring to Sunbrella's cleaning instructions.  Or give us a call for a cleaning estimate!

    Updated: 1.20.17
  • Press Release:

    Window Works expands its awning division.

    According to a study by Better Homes and Gardens, 77% of respondents want their outdoor living space to feel like a relaxing retreat.  To keep up with this exciting trend, Window Works has expanded its awning and outdoor living division. 



    Updated: 4.1.16
  • Featured project:

    Exterior Solar Screen Shade elcosing a wrap around porch in Mahwah NJExterior Solar Screen Shades - A "must have" shading solution in Southwestern states, and a rapidly growing solution in the Northeast.

    Exterior Solar Screen Shades are significantly more effective at blocking solar heat gain than interior solar screen shades. Check out this west-facing wrap around porch in Mahwah NJ.  The afternoon sun made the living space previously unusable, but motorized porch shades make it a cool, comfortable retractable enclosure!



    Updated: 2.1.17

    New Products:

    The Gennius is an exciting European innovation recently introduced in the US. 

    The Gennius by KE Durasol Awnings is a waterproof retractable pergola with integrated rainwater management technology.  Described as "deceptively sleek", the Gennius doubles as a retractable enclosure with optional retractable solar shades and integrated lighting.


    Fabric structures can directly contribute 11 LEED points on a project, and may support an additional 11 more credits.  In a recent report by Building Green Inc., awning and shade products were assessed for their benefits to buildings and their occupants.  The products researched were those most actively specified in building projects:

    • Stationary Awnings
    • Drop-Arm (Adjustable) Window Awnings
    • Exterior Solar Shades
    • Stationary Commercial Canopies
    Added: 3.30.16

and Specials

Pre Season Motor Sale - Now through May 14th, FREE MOTORS on new orders of Retractable Awnings, including our full cassette Bella Plus retractable awning! 

Pre Season Recover Sale - Already own an awning?  Take 30% off a new replacement fabric or cleaning service!

Motorized Pergola Sale - Now through April 30th, take advantage of preseason discounts on the Gennius!

AIA Continuing
Education System (CES)

Our partner, KE Durasol Awnings has partnered with the AIA to create courses about designing with industrial textiles.  These courses provide 1 AIA CES LU/HSW credit each. 

Window Works would love the opportunity to educate your firm on awnings and canopies and the benefits they can provide to your architectural designs.  Contact us to learn more!

Architectural and Commercial Resources

Our resource page will provide your firm with attachment details, specifications and product information.

Window Works will be happy to provide bids on projects specifying awnings canopies, window treatments and related trades.  Contact us to learn more!