Gennius Provides Cover for Outdoor Wedding

Unlike umbrellas, this cover won't blow away!  The Gennius is the newest innovation in European-style retractable patio covers. With an amazing ability to master inclement weather, the Gennius unfolds with the push of a button, guaranteeing use of your outdoor space. Most residential Gennius installations actually replace older lateral arm retractable awnings... If you own an awning you're probably not surprised - as you already appreciate the many benefits of owning a high quality, custom shading solution; but have experienced the limitations of products designed mostly for shade. Once you have experienced outdoor living the way it's supposed to be, it's easy to understand the value of a better solution.  The Gennius is also an excellent value for businesses.  When it comes to expanding your outdoor dining - it perfectly fills the gap between the pros, cons and price points of stationary awnings and full-blown renovations. 

The Gennius Is One Strong Awning System, It:

  • Stands up to wind
  • Protects you from the rain
  • Protects you and your furnishings from the sun's harmful UV rays
  • Keeps you cool and comfortable on a hot, humid day
  • Has integrated rain-water management system (Gutters, etc.)
  • Has aesthetically pleasing fabric that blocks either 90% or 100% of the sun's UV rays
  • Can be manually operated or have motorized operation
  • Has optional Zip Screens (or captured edges) or Curtains with clear windows or mesh to enclose your outdoor room
  • Has integrated lighting and audio


The Gennius - Perfect for Al Fresco Dining

Open Gennius let's in the sunOwn a restaurant, hotel, bar or cafe with outdoor seating?  Imagine not having to shuffle patrons inside when the weather turns...  Not booking interior space in the off chance of inclement weather for large bookings?  Create that "closed in" feeling and protection without actually closing your patrons in!

Described by Architects as "deceptively sleek", the Gennius is available with Flame-resistant materials. 


Gennius Heavy Duty, Most Popular Model - A2C

Dining under the protection of a GenniusThe A2c is capable of spanning an amazing 26' projection with no interior support posts - Perfect for maximizing a restaurant table arrangement.  With its aluminum framework effortlessly and naturally integrating optional solar shades to enclose the perimeter, this is the most popular model in the Gennius family.  While integrated rainwater management is standard on this model, lights and sound are optional.


 Wood Pergola Look Gennius - L1S

Wood Look GenniusThe L1S is a close second in popularity, for obvious reasons! The aluminum supporting framework is decoratively clad in Scandinavian Spruce, giving this retractable patio cover a softer, more natural look.  Projecting up to about 20' from the wall, this model is the perfect option for people considering a pergola for their deck or patio.  Gutters and rain management technology are also standard on this retractable enclosure.


 Entry Level Gennius - A100

Gennius for smaller situationsThe A100 is the newest in the Gennius lineup.  With its contemporary angles and maximum projection of 18', this model is perfect for smaller applications. 





Single Gennius - Freestanding Awning - A2C

Poolside dining with weather protectionThis freestanding retractable awning is designed for patios and decks where there is no wall or structure to install to.  The fabric projects and retracts one way - on a shed-style, slope.  With just one motor, the A2C Single can protect over 950 square feet of dining and entertaining space. 



Double Gennius - Freestanding Awning - A2C

A frame retractable awningThis freestanding retractable awning is designed for patios and decks where there is no wall or structure to install to.  The fabric projects and retracts two ways - in an "a-frame" configuration.  With just one motor, the A2C Single can protect almost 2,000 square feet of dining and entertaining space.



Gennius - Retrofits to Existing Structures - T1

Gennius retro-ftted to existing structureThe T1 is designed to install within or under an existing structure.  Also capable of protecting against rain (when appropriately pitched) and the elements, this pergola shade is perfect for attaching to an existing pergola or trellis.



Gennius - Cantilevered Without Posts - T4

Cantilevered retractable weather proof coverThis is a self-supporting waterproof retractable awning with no posts.  With a maximum projection of about 13' and width of about 43', this patio cover is perfect for retail applications where attaching front posts is not optimal or permitted by law, such as:

  • Sidewalk cafes
  • Waterfront seating
  • Outdoor dining in urban or historic districts


More Features Of The Gennius:

  • Sound-deadening hood that protects the fabric in the retracted position
  • Patented gaskets affixed to the guide rails that trap rainwater, routing it to the gutter
  • Can be retrofitted to your existing pergola
  • Can be operated with just one motor up to about 43' wide on all models
  • Can be seamlessly joined end to end, creating an unlimited width
  • Has independently tested wind speed and engineering calculations when permitting is needed
  • Good ways to describe the Gennius:
  • Elegant Pergola
  • Retractable Pergola
  • Outdoor Living Room
  • Retractable Roof System
  • Retractable Enclosure

 Ravi Patel - Owner of Ravel Hotel and Penthouse 808 in Long Island City NY - "Don't let the rain eliminate your outdoor space.  Invest in a Gennius and take control of your outdoor venue.  You can rest at night knowing that you can take those reservations even if it rains."