Interior Solar Shades


If you are looking for light control, energy efficiency, to reduce fading of your furnishings and to reduce that glare on your big screen TV or computer monitor, an interior retractable solar screen can solve all of these issues and still preserve your view of the outdoors! Solar shades not only help manage natural lighting, they also provide excellent glare control depending on the color of fabric you choose. A darker colored fabric will absorb more light, allowing a better view of the outside. A lighter colored fabric will reflect more light, obscuring more view in direct sun than darker colored solar shade fabrics.

The DuraShade R8000 Solar Shade

Solar shade with facia to cover the fabric rollerThe R8000 is an interior solar screen that can be mounted in a "pocket" or on a wall with an optional fascia to cover the fabric roller. Perfect for homes with many windows; and a great choice for condos and offices where an exterior shading solutions are not allowed. Whether you own a home, restaurant or office building, the DuraShade R8000 is a smart investment.





The DuraShade R8500 Interior Shade

Motorized interior solar shadesCustom made shading system that uses advanced technology to increase the privacy of your home and create a comfortable and beautiful living environment. These motorized shades are designed to handle large or multiple windows and give you complete control over the rooms lighting and privacy. Includes a blackout option that allows you to control your entertainment room by eliminating the glare of the sun.




Commercial Solar Shades

Commerical Solar shadesThere are many different colors and opaqueness’s, and we will work with you to find the optimal balance of aesthetics and function.  These retractable window treatments are also available with complete blackout fabrics and hardware, and can be integrated into automation systems. 




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