Stationary Awnings

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Custom-made stationary awnings and canopies are perfect to completely or even partially cover a large deck or patio.
These awnings can be designed in just about any shape and size you want.

Stationary Awnings add style and value

stationary canopy with side curtainsCustom stationary awnings and canopies are designed to match your exact specifications, given your goals and installation considerations. Even if you think you have a challenging shape or idea, give us a call. Most stationary awnings are designed for 3 season use. This means that the awning can be used to protect you and your furnishings from the elements during the spring, summer and into the fall. These deck canopies require that the awning cover be removed and stored during the winter months.  Bergen Awnings offers seasonal services for the removal and the reinstallation of the awning cover if you prefer not to do this yourself.


Stationary Awnings offer shade and Protection

deck canopyProperly pitched, a stationary patio cover can turn any space into a comfortably shaded space that can be utilized regardless of the weather. Unlike retractable awnings which offer on-demand protection, stationary awnings and canopies are permanent fixtures, providing constant protection from the sun, wind and rain. Stationary awnings and canopies can even be engineered to withstand snow load, providing year-round enjoyment when combined with solar shades or roll drops.


Stationary Awnings are Custom!

custom made poolside awningPatio covers can be customized to fit snugly around gutters and corners.  They can be roof mounted, can span dormers and even hug chimneys!  Let your imagination run wild... If it can be dreamed (and measured), it can be built!

  • Freestanding pool cabanas
  • Walkway canopies
  • Porch skirts and valances
  • Canopies
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Grill Covers
  • Porch enclosures
  • And more!


Retractable Glass Railings and Partitions

retractable glass windscreensThe adjustable glass windscreen is an amazing new European innovation recently introduced in the US.  Maximize the use and comfort of your deck or patio by raising the railing in seconds.  You could describe this as a counterbalanced retractable railing, retractable glazing, or height adjustable wind blocker... Either way - photos just don't do this product justice, you should see it in action!  Can integrate with a new or existing awning or canopy, or installed on their own. 

Awning Recovers

If your older awning frame is in good working condition but you are in need of just the fabric cover, you are in luck!  Did you know that awnings with acrylic fabric like Sunbrella can be "recovered"? Birds destroyed your awning fabric?  Changed the color of your siding?  We can replace just the fabric top cover of almost any retractable awning out there, from virtually all major manufacturers, even if we did not install your awning. 

Awning Cleaning

Over time if not cleaned regularly, environmental build-up such as pollen and dirt on your awning fabric can accumulate mold and mildew and soil.  Most awning fabrics have a longer life expectancy and look better when cleaned occasionally.  Let us clean your awning fabric and restore its beauty and water repellency.