Window Awning with flower box

There are many awning styles. We have just about any awning configuration to help you provide sun or inclement weather protection and beauty to your building or home. By taking your unique application and goals into consideration, we account for other factors such as installation height, sun trajectory, weather conditions and more to determine which awning we recommend for the project.

How can an awning make your life or your business better?

Retractable Awnings

Closed Retractable awningWith the push of a button, lateral arm retractable awnings provide shading when you need it, or allow you to enjoy the sun when you want to. Window Works carries a comprehensive line of retractable awnings.






Stationary Awnings

Stationary Patio CanopyFixed Awnings provide constant protection from the elements. This WeatherMaster style deck or patio awning can be fabricated into many custom styles and shapes to meet your specific needs.



Window and Door Canopies

Window AwningsWindow Awnings are a time tested way to block the sun's glare and reduce interior temperatures and decrease the fading of your furnishings. From retractable window awnings to traditional stationary door canopies, there are many styles to choose from; each with their own unique features and benefits.  Some window awnings that we carry can be manually operated, or automated with the click of the remote.  We can even tie in motorized window awnings into a smarthome configuration!




Commercial Awnings

Entrance Canopy with GraphicsCommercial awnings are utilized across many applications such as branding and advertising tools for businesses. Decortaive Custom Storefront Awnings not only are eyecatching, but are durable and can offer weather protection over walkways and entryways. Storefront awnings can be designed as contemporary and stunningly visual, or traditional and blended with their surroundings. We offer Back-lit Awnings, Entrance Canopies and more, and can be customized with graphics as well as flame-retardant materials.




Shade Structures

Retractable Weatherproof AwningShade structures are ideal for locations that require unique solutions. We carry several unique European-style retractable and stationary otdoor living products for residential and commercial applications.  These retractable awnings typically have integrated front posts and can withstand harsher weather conditions.  We carry freestanding awnings, waterproof retractable awnings, pergola awnings and more.