Commercial Awnings

A Storefront Shed Awning in Madison NJ protects the entrance and shades interior space. 
The eye-catching bright red fabric with graphics both draws attention and provides branding.

Awnings That Mean Business

Storefront Awnings, Entrance Canopies, Restaurant Awnings, Office Building Awnings and other Business Shading Structures come in many shapes and sizes; and can incorporate fire-resistant materials in accordance with local zoning and permitting.  Already have an existing commercial awning or structure but thinking about a new one?  Has your business changes owners and need a new theme?  Many times the existing framework is in tact and can be rejuvenated with brand new fabrics and decorative graphics!

Why should businesses use awnings, canopies and other shading products?

Commercial Shed Awning

Shed Style Storefront AwningThis Shed Style Awning accentuates entranceways and windows as well as protects customers from rain and snow.



A-Frame and Arch Entrance Awnings and Canopies

Entrance Canopy A Frame styleCreate or identify the entrance to a restaurant, hotel or retail business with an Entrance Canopy.


Arch Style Entrance Canopy








Commercial Waterfall Awnings

Waterfall Style Storefront AwningWaterfall Awnings have a smooth curve that can be used to break up the hard lines of a building while adding color and light.


Commercial Dome Awnings

Dome Style Entrace AwningDome Awnings are a favorite to add interest and elegance to a business or storefront.





Waterfall Awning with Dome Ends

Blends the two awning styles of waterfall and dome.


Vestibule Enclosures

Resturant Entrance Vestibule EnclosuresAlso known as sidewalk enclosures, they provide protection inside restaurants by adding an additional buffer between the inside and outside. Creates a windbreak and helps trap heating in during colder months, and cooling in during warmer months.


Pergola Awnings and Retractable Enclosures- The Gennius

Retractable Enclosure part way openThis state of the art retractable shading systems is perfect for sidewalk cafes, waterfronts or any place you need full coverage for business and clientele. This Awning product used for alfresco dinning is so popular and unique, it has it's own page - learn more about this water proof retractable awning.


Retractable Glass Railings and Partitions

The adjustable glass windscreen is an amazing new European innovation recently introduced in the US.  Create that "enclosed feeling", define an outdoor dining space or simply direct foot traffic.  Maximize the use and comfort of your deck or patio by raising the sliding window in seconds.  You could describe this as a counterbalanced retractable railing, retractable glazing, or a height adjustable wind blocker... Either way - photos just don't do this product justice, you have to see it in action!


Sidewalk Partitions and Barricades

Create a safe and organized seating area with a partition.  Create some eye-catching branding with vibrant colors and decorative graphics.  Cafe barriers can also be manufactured to be detachable for overnight storage.  We can even recover and redecorate your existing barriers. 


Modern Commercial Stationary Awnings - The Romanza

see through canopyAn exciting european-style stationary awning, perfect for windows, walkways and entryways.  The special polycarbonate panels allow natural light to pass through while blocking rain, snow and sleet.  This impact resistant awning is designed to be long lasting and maintenance free.

  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum framework
  • Polyester powder coated paint finishes to match any decor
  • Several frame shapes to chose from
  • Available with clear polycarbonate panels, or smoked